Mexico:The nineteenth National Fireworks Expo
Editor:雷龙烟花    Mar 12,2007

March 3 through 12, 2007 Tultepec, Mexico. Something is up when pyros from as far away as Finland, China, Holland and even New York end up there in March. Only known to a small group of International pyros, Tultepec is the gathering point for the best master pyrotechnicians of Mexico who through generations have developed their own style of display fireworks. In spite of external commercial influences creeping in, you can still find the uniqueness and passion of Mexican pyrotechnics in what has to be the most participatory, competitive, explosive and ceremonial fireworks festivity in the American continent. Every year this town, known as "Mexico's Capital of Pyrotechnics"

This week-long pyrotechnics fair features the spectacular "Concurso de Castillos de Torre" or tower fireworks competition. This type of fireworks is what makes Mexican pyrotechnics unique in the world. Since 2005 a very impressive Pyromusical Competition has been held involving up to 7 fireworks shows lasting 10-15 minutes each. These events are not open to international competition yet but in time that could change.

In addition to the competition fireworks, just about every day different types of fireworks (including daytime tower fireworks) are burned as part of the secular and religious festivities. For those that want a taste of a more exciting and extreme fireworks festivity, nothing else in the world compares to the Burning of the Bulls,which is always held on March 8 in celebration of John of God, the patron saint of Tultepec's pyrotechnicians.

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